How It Works

iCetana has developed a system for live monitoring that enables real time assessment of abnormal events across your entire camera surveillance network.

Self learning

iCetana's system self-learns the “normal” motion patterns in a surveillance camera scene.

It learns how and where people move, how traffic moves, any no-go zones, and any changes in activity at different times of the day.

It automatically adapts with no programming required.


Once normal is established for each camera, the system then identifies and displays only those cameras with abnormal activity.

This means only a small fraction of video data needs to be processed by operators for increased situational awareness.

Operators can assess and take immediate action to prevent events from escalating.


iCetana's system displays the relevant cameras scene to operators via iCetana's LiveWall application, VMS plugin, or smart mobile devices.


iCetana integrates with existing video surveillance infrastructure, increasing the return on investment and effectiveness of this infrastructure.

We embrace open standards and work with a wide range of third parties and leading security manufacturers.

Types of Incidents Detected

  • Suspicious behaviour
  • Unauthorized access - people / vehicles
  • Assaults - violence / aggressive behaviour
  • Public safety - medical / security events
  • Precursor events - crowd gathering / dispersal
  • Vandalism - public property / fixed assets
  • Irregular movement - people / vehicles
  • Camera tampering
  • Fire risk